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[Slowly, almost reluctantly, Spider Jerusalem inches his way back to full consciousness. His head wasn't throbbing in the usual way, but there was a strange kind of pressure on his chest. Still in the dark, he fumbles around with his right hand, looking for the pill bottles on his nightstand. They're not there, and neither is the nightstand. Whoever took my fucking pills had better hope I don't find them. Spider tries to sit up, but a warning sound right in front of him, halfway between a purr and a growl, gives him pause. I know that noise. How did she get past the security suite and into my bedroom? He decides to try a different tactic and calls out to the apartment computer.]

"Lights up 25%, and give me a shot of Anti-Feline Spray #4."

Lights up 25%. Unable to comply with rest of request.

[That's not the voice of my apartment. What the fuck... The lights come up... and yes, that's the Cat sitting on his chest, and both of her mouths are smiling at the lack of Cat Repellent in the air. And then Spider remembers. The flash of light, the party, the Muscular Christians, Jo the werewolf... He looks around and notices that he's definitely not in his Pupin Grove apartment. He sits up with a start, dumping the cat as he does so (and ignoring the pain from the claws that were dug into his chest). Looking around, he sees spartan quarters with some basic amenities, and a decor similar to the walls of the wide room where that party took place. Looks like it wasn't a hallucination after all; I am on a space station in the middle of nowhere. We'll deal with "how" later, but I'm not putting up with this shit for long.

He looks around the place and finds his suit neatly draped on a chair. His laptop is gone; it its place on the desk is a small hand-held device with his three-eyed Transient logo on it. He finds an audio pickup and a button marked "Transmit"; he pushes it and begins to speaks.]

"Is there anybody listening? My name is Spider Jerusalem, and somehow I arrived on this Station at that party last night. Somehow my cat made the journey too, even though she wasn't with me last night. I met a couple of you last night, and I thought I left with one of you. Jo, you there? Pick up if you are. If not, I'll settle for anyone else. Just what the hell is going on here?"


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